Robin's Nest taking a rain check til next year

So sad to report that my gig at the Robin's Nest this Sunday has been cancelled due to illness.  Keeping Bob and Robin in my heart and prayers for full and speedy recovery. 


Not Yellowstone During COVID 19 

Hello friends!

Welp.... what to say? It has once again been decided that music is too dangerous to have in Yellowstone National Park this winter. This will be my 4th season of sitting it out. So now what?? 

Yellowstone Music in the time of Covid 19 

Greetings! Salutations!

I just got back to Yellowstone from a wonderful journey to Sunapee Lake in NH with my family. Since I began working in Yellowstone, that annual vacation event stopped happening for me, so I'm grateful for the…


Yellowstone Music in the time of Covid 19

Coolo! I have just gotten one of my string quartet arrangements published and available for public use!  Bohemian Rhapsody, as played by the Lake String Quartet, is now available (or should be soon) for purchase where all online music is…


Music in Yellowstone at the time of Covid

So it is with a very heavy heart that I share that Yellowstone will have no music this summer.

  2020 and 2021 have been the first years for me in which I have not been immersed in music in…

Throwback Friday on a Saturday 

This song has been making a resurgence  in my head lately. It's on my album "Across Two Rivers". Maggie Dubris wrote the lyrics for this one.  Thought I would share it today. 


Where's Waldo?

Hello Dear Friends!

As my musical cohorts and I patiently await the green light to return live music to the historic lodges in Yellowstone National Park, I wanted to let you know that I am one of the 500+…


Hello from Old Faithful

Hello friends,

I wish I could say that Boo and I have retaken our post at the Old Faithful Inn, but unfortunately I am still hiding out in our employee dorms trying to keep the quality of life up…


Looking for a job for the winter... :(

Hello Friends!

Time has been such an odd thing this season..  It seems like it keeps dragging on, yet it's already the end of September and now I need to start packing! Xanterra has opted to hold off on…


Still here, still working

Greetings and salutations from Yellowstone! 

I'm still here! Hurrah!! This is definitely not a year like any other and hopefully not like any to come. If you are planning on visiting the park, just know that it is not…



Hello again from the Old Faithful Twilight Zone! It's a hot one today (at least for us - nearly 80 today in Old Faithful).  I have been faithfully sanitizing our employee living quarters so that no one spreads disease. Keeping…