Lake String Quartet returns!

Wooooof.... What a ride it has been lately.  The flood in Yellowstone brought a lot of devastation to many in the towns along the Yellowstone River.  My thoughts and prayers to everyone in Gardiner, Livingston, Red Lodge, Silver Gate and all other towns that were directly affected.  Here in the park, we have been navigating a whole new landscape as employees from the hardest hit areas of the park itself  - Mammoth and Roosevelt - have been moving down to the villages of Lake, Canyon, Grant and Old Faithful. A lot of changes for all of us and a whole lotta chaos!  But here we are and finally, *drum roll* after two years. *drum roll continues*  The Lake String Quartet returns to the Sun Room at the Yellowstone Lake Hotel tonight, 6/23/2022, at 6:15 pm until 10:00 pm!!! I can't wait!!!  Hope you can join Tim Tan, Colleen Tan, Michael Hall and me in our 2023 reunion. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!