Last week with the Quartet

I am enjoying my last week in very smoky Lake Village.  The Lake Quartet's final performance will be on Thursday, August 11, from 6:15 pm until 10:pm.  I am sad to say goodbye to the group and hope I can…Read more

March Madness

I had a fabulous evening performing at  Ellen's and Donald's house outside of Denver, CO. I am not showing pictures of Ellen's spread (9 incredible homemade  desserts and matched champagne!! ) for fear of intimidating others who might be interested…Read more

February thaw 

Yikes! How can it be mid February already? I have slacked off on my blogging. Those who know me well  surely  are shocked by that. (ahem)  We here in Yellowstone are gearing up for Valentine's Day followed (instantly) by the…Read more

Best wishes to you all in the New Year!  

I hope 2016 has been a very fortuitous and optimistic time so far for you.  We here at Snow Lodge are getting warm and not getting enough snow currently!  I have added a new album (weeeee!) with so far only…Read more

Merry Christmas!  

Greetings and salutations from  a beautiful, cold, white, Yellowstone National Park! I hope you are having a wonderful day, regardless of your religion, race, gender,or species. As a special gift, I am posting "Christmas Time Is Love" -- written Steve…Read more

Opening day of Yellowstone's Snow Lodge

Things are as they should be here for our opening for the season. Let it snow! Let it snow!  Let it snow!  I'm looking forward to taking back my own little corner of the Lodge tonight. Hope you'll be there!  …Read more

Cello time pre-season 

Ahhh... Lovely Old Faithful in winter. It has been snowing, and the skiing is wonderful. I am still waiting to access a piano, so I've been playing my cello tonight and goofing off with the looper and such. Thought I'd…Read more

Mammoth Hot Springs 

Back in the park at last...  Snow has been falling off and on all day. So happy I put snow shoes on the Little Car! It really makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.  Wonderful to see friends who I haven't seen for…Read more

Back in Montana again!

Woooot woooot! Back to MST time again. Phew!!! Now all my east coast friends and family can warn me 2 hours in advance of things to come!

 It has been a nice, stress-free journey this December, although kind of eerily…Read more

Cello Chariot embarks 

Greetings and Salutations! The cello chariot is about to embark once again for the magical land of Yellowstone. We, Yellowstoners, strongly hope this will be a cold and snowy winter with Old Faithful spouting ice crystals, the sky sparkling with…Read more