Spring migration 

Heading back to the park after an awesome journey to visit friends and family, an amazing course in a healing modality called Zero Balancing  (www.zerobalancing.com), and a really nice recording sojourn in Austin Texas with David Lauterstein. We will have a new CD out at some point - this one is geared especially toward massage therapists. The idea is for it to be very soothing. If you have enjoyed my layered cello improvisations in Yellowstone, then you will probably like this CD, whether or not you are using it for massage therapy music. 

So who will I get to see in Yellowstone this summer?? Show hands!   I will be starting the new season with the opening of the Old Faithful Inn this friday, May 4th. Can't believe the opening of my 19th season is coming up so quickly!!!  I look forward to seeing you!  Much love.