... And another request for transporter beams....

I believe posting  from a little over half way on my journey from CT back to the park in December is becoming an annual tradition.  Last year I was hemming and hawing about needing a bigger car. This year I have one. Yay!!! Still would be easier to just beam over, however...  December is always an interesting month to drive across country -- the weather being so completely unpredictable. I believe last year I found North Dakota to have a slight hint of winter --- it may have been just below freezing and a sliver of snow on the ground. This year I drove through  blizzardish white out conditions with wind chills well below zero. Glad I didn't opt to camp and it sure will be nice to get to my favorite hot springs in a couple of days! Happy Winter to you! May Yellowstone get lots and lots and lots and lots of SNOW!!!!

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