Back at Old Faithful in the Twilight Zone

Greetings! Salutations! Happy Memorial Day.  I have just made a new season's resolution of posting and visiting my site much more often! For the past 10 years I have been blessed with performing regularly and barely having to lift a finger to promote my music. Some of you may have guessed that promotion is not my strong point... I'm attempting to turn over a new leaf. It can often be challenging with the slowest internet on earth, but I am optimistic about this summer since our staff is about 1/3 of normal, and visitation will be lower due to lack of lodging. 

Back when I was a child, one of my favorite books was "Fortunately, Unfortunately".  Here is the Martha C version as of May 25fth. 

Fortunately our winter season went on as scheduled and I enjoyed playing music. Perhaps you were there at some point?

Unfortunately the world caught an extreme virus and everything changed almost overnight. 

Fortunately I was able to stay with my parents for an extended period of time to help out and watch spring spring in CT. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Yellowstone is not having any live music this year. 

Fortunately I was offered a job at Old Faithful for the season anyhow.

Unfortunately I won't be playing music or giving body work. 

Fortunately i am back in the park that I love oh so dearly. 


I shall pause it here. I have had multiple requests for a new CD including a lot of the looping tunes that I play in the Inn and at the Snow Lodge.  My goal over this summer is to get that recorded! Over the break I signed up for a bunch of various online classes -- one of which being a home recording and mixing course, so we'll see how I do on my own.  Let me know if there is a particular song you would like to hear on the recording. 

Sending you all warm wishes.