Back in Montana again!

Woooot woooot! Back to MST time again. Phew!!! Now all my east coast friends and family can warn me 2 hours in advance of things to come!

 It has been a nice, stress-free journey this December, although kind of eerily warm... I have memories of bundling up - hat, parka, down mittens, scarf -- in order to pump gas at the Montana welcome station 2 years ago. I believe the temp was -40, snowing,  with wind gusts up to 50 mph and a 2 inch crust of underlying ice on the highway.   Not so much like that this year...  It was 53 in Bismarck, ND today, and currently at 9:25 pm it is 40 (above) in Miles City, MT. Ello the cello appreciates this.. Oh wait... Is weather a boring topic??? I could discuss what I ate at Space Aliens today instead.... 

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