Music in Yellowstone at the time of Covid

So it is with a very heavy heart that I share that Yellowstone will have no music this summer.

  2020 and 2021 have been the first years for me in which I have not been immersed in music in some way, shape or form since.... maybe before I started playing the cello in 4th grade??? I'm not even sure of that because before I started cello lessons, I would bang and sing on the piano.. and before I started banging and singing on the piano, I would bang and sing on pots and pans...  That is not to say that I'm not working on any music, but I'm not living in a community of musicians and I am not performing nightly and trying to come up with clever arrangements of requests from you..

When I started at the Old Faithful Inn in 2011, it was a serious stretch for me to play solo -- let alone solo for 4 hours straight -- let alone solo for 4 hours straight and 5 nights a week.... and... I was hired as a pianist, sooooooo....  learning piano was a priority and a serious stress... I will never forget the night that one of our guests appeared and sat next to me.. She said "We have been enjoying your music so much... We have a room on the 3rd floor and have been listening to you from there every night and it has been wonderful!" and then she secretly whispered to  me "but just between you and me, the cellist is much better than the pianist".  I laughed my face off. I told her I couldn't agree more.  She looked mortified and said "Oh... are you the pianist as well????  I just meant... the selection of music... " it trailed off... I found it hilarious, and knew it to be true... I was definitely catching up on my piano skills that year, and every night was terrifying. I have made a lot of progress on that end, although there is always more to go, and always more to improve on the cello end as well. A couple of years later, a visitor from Australia met me in a group situation outside of the mezzanine... and he said "oh... are you the pianist???? That was wonderful.... but what's with that cello????? "  I laughed my head off of that too... 

I can't wait til I can laugh my head off again at comments like that... Perhaps Winter 21-22? 

Let us heal from this pandemic.




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