Oh when will the transporter be up and running?? Beam me up!

Over the years I have received many passing comments, some of them a repeated theme heard frequently from various sources.  Examples of a couple of the more common ones are " Don't you wish you chose the flute  (or piccolo or harmonica or violin... you get the idea... something smaller than a cello), or "Is there a dead body in that thing?" or.. "You need a bigger car." 

Well... I have to say that I still am happy with my choice of the cello, although it has consistently been a pain to lug around.  It turns out the case makes a great sled, however. As far as I know, there has never been a dead body in my cello case, but I can't confirm or deny that fer sure...  And, as for the car..... welllllllll.....   

I am currently more than halfway to my YNP destination on my 25th cross country road trip since my first summer in the park in 2007. Every time I prepare to pack my car, I assume I have it down to a science and that it will be easy. Every time I pack my car I spend hours puzzling how I am going to fit 2 cellos, a PA system plus months worth of clothes for all seasons, books and camping gear and bears and food and what-have-you in my little honda civic. This year I've had an epiphany. I NEED A BIGGER CAR!!! Random people have been telling me this for years, but I ignored them.  My reasoning being that I need to squeeze the car into a Manhattan parking spot . Today it occurred to me that I no longer live in NYC. I still need a car that gets great gas mileage, but... those Honda CR-V's and Toyota Rav 4s are looking better and better by the mile...  (I do still like the Honda Fit and Toyota Prius).  So, if you are reading this and you happen to be interested in selling a midsize wagon that does pretty darned well with gas and is totally reliable, or, if you have suggestions of such a vehicle,  please keep me in mind... 

ps... There's actually a hint of winter here in West Fargo, ND. 
pps.. Hope you're having a grrrrrrreat day.
ppps.. Thanks for visiting my site!